Life Savers


Adwoc(UK) has adopted a set of safety practices derived from past learnings and incidents called Life Savers. These Life Savers consist of ten common activities with high potential risk and are vital to achieving no harm to all personnel and visitors at any Adwoc facility.

  1. These safety practices support our Safety Management System and are highlighted throughout our standards, procedures, and work instructions
  2. These safety practices are core to our business and support our Safety Management System.


Safe Systems of Work (SSoW)


At Adwoc(UK), we are committed to providing consistent and efficient management of worksite safety, including both personal and process safety. By establishing requirements for prevention and mitigation barriers and defining their relationships, operational hazards can be identified, and risk managed before any work activities are started.

The five key components of Adwoc(UK)’ SSoW framework specify the minimum requirements that focus on preventing harm to people, environment or plant.

Safe Systems of Work Image

Behavior-Based Safety Training

Our Behavioral-Based Safety Program supports our effort in preventing incidents and building an interdependent safety culture by:

  • Observing people at work and having an open conversation about safety
  • Correcting unsafe behavior or conditions then reinforcing positive behavior
  • Creating a respectful environment that encourages safety conversations

Process Safety


At Adwoc(UK), causing no harm is always our priority and we accomplish this by managing both personal safety and process safety risks. Process safety is focused on identifying major hazards and implementing and maintaining barriers to prevent catastrophic events.

Risk Assessment

We conduct risk assessments to identify the barriers necessary to reduce the risk of a catastrophic event to a tolerable level. We recognize three types of barrier elements that work together to make up our barrier system. Each barrier element must be implemented and maintained to effectively manage process safety risks:

Our Operational Assurance Program

Our operational assurance processes are in place to verify that our barrier elements remain healthy

  • Self- Verification – a process of ongoing verification tasks performed onsite by rig-based personnel with barrier health accountabilities. This process includes assessing the health of safety-critical assets and verification of Life Saver topics through dedicated processes and checks.
  • Oversight – supervisory verifications performed by both rig-based and shore-based leadership; includes Critical Area Verifications conducted by heads of departments and other line-level supervisors on the rig. Also includes verification of compliance with Life Savers.
  • Audits – consist of rig management and Business Unit audits of rig operations. Includes the corporate “Core Value Team” who conduct fleetwide audits against Operational Assurance Program protocols to drive continual improvement.

Our Operational Assurance Program Image

Training & Competence

Introducing the Simulator Training Facility

Our Simulator Training Facility – an immersive environment developed to provide continuous competency development for our offshore workforce – is outfitted with state-of-the-art simulators for drilling, well control and crane operations. It provides the opportunity for employees in our most critical offshore roles to fine tune their skills in a controlled environment. Participants are trained in safe and efficient responses to potentially hazardous situations specific to our fleet and equipment while also complying with our policies, standards and procedures.


IADC accreditation of ARAB DRILLING AND WORKOVER COMPANY (UK LIMITED) affirms our commitment to comprehensive training for all new rig personnel.